"Every Empty Bottle is filled with a great story."


Welcome to Half-n-the-Bag. I started making totes in 2012. The totes turned into wine bags in 2014 and what a ride it's been since! It started off as a hobby, that has turned into an amazing business that has taken me to Napa Valley, Washington State and all over New England. I am looking forward to my next adventure and the next! I have met so many incredible people on the way! I am thrilled that people appreciate the quality of our handmade wine-gift bags and the humor in the company name. Our bags are handmade in Massachusetts, and made with quality designer fabrics with coordinating waterproof lining. They are insulated with Insul-bright, which reflects heat or cold back to its source. Half-n-the-Bag not to be mistaken for Half-in-the-bag (no i) wine bags are unique, fun and functional. They make a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. I hope you enjoy my bags as much as I enjoy making them. 


Carmen Beaton